Who doesn’t love pearls? Pearls are a girl’s best friend. We all do right? So let’s begin the talk about pearls- ‘PARLER DE PERLES’- as they say in French. Pearls are a must for every woman’s wardrobe.

Hidden in the living creature, both salt and fresh water mollusks, lies the radiant and pure pearl. From a grain of sand that slips between the mantle and the shell of an oyster. To stop the pain and irritation to protect itself the oyster coats layer and layer of nacre – a mineral substance secreted in the shell-also called the mother of pearl and forms beautiful pearls. Thus to fight the foe this living organism creates a precious pretty pearl. Royal, regal and absolutely ravishing! The pure and divine oyster fights for its existence, symbolizing hope and beauty turning an irritant into precious pearl of beauty, so improving and reinventing itself into this marvelous gemstone. A lesson for us humans from Nature’s true teacher indeed! From its foe it creates a ‘thing of beauty’ -le pearl–this fascinating gem. Pearls from ancient times have found a niche in the hearts of humans. Adorned by royalty, celebrities and the passionate pearl lovers . The understated pearl personifies extravagance, dignity and elegance, both in the West
and the East.

PARLER DE’ PEARLS’ brings you a wide array of Pearl Jewellery, all the way from the “City of Pearls’ –Hyderabad, India. Travelling down history’s pathways, we briefly talk of this 200 years old business. The wealthy Nizams, rulers of Hyderabad- ordered and wore beautiful pearls from Basra in the Persian Gulf. They epitomized a highly cultured lifestyle, grand architecture, cuisine, arts, music and jewellery. The trendsetting Nizams patronized Pearl Jewellery encouraging the Hyderabadi pearl trade. Attracted jewel traders from across the Globe, especially from the Persian Gulf Hyderabad became a hub for the pearl industry. These wealthy Nizams bought their jewellery at unbelievable prices to encourage the growth of the pearl jewellery industry. It still flourishes today harking from the ancient ‘Bazars of Charminar’- to the modern malls. One can never run out of options, when you chose to buy real pearls, cultured pearls, pearl encrusted gemstone sets or strands of pearls- the fascination with lustrous pearls still continues We at ‘Parler de Perles’, – a noted designer brand with decades of experience of exporting pearls globally offers you a wide array of the royal pearl- from the luscious pearl tear drop jewellery to elegant, classic single or multiple pearl stands, pearl and semi- precious emerald, onyx red and green stone sets and many multiple coloured pearl jewellery in our one stop- designer shop at very competitive rates. We, carefully source our jewellery from many parts of the global and bring you the top- most quality and fascinating collection of pearl jewellery. Be the Talk of Town- ‘Parler de Perles’- wear our creative designs to enhance the value and beautiful you- the perfect passionate pearl lover!

Tranquil Delights for Neck Chocker Circlets

You can't ever go wrong with pearls. Perhaps pearls are a girl's
best friend after all.

Chrysalis -the multiple layers of three and four strands of pearls

There is just one piece of jewelry that is equally becoming to everybody, lovely with almost every ensemble, appropriate for almost any occasion, and indispensable..

Joie de vivre- Sweet single strands of pearls

A great life is nothing more than a series of days well lived strung together like a string of pearls.” –Robin S. Sharma. Kokichi Mikimoto dream was ‘to adorn the neck of all women around the world with pearls.’

Queen of Style -Button Pearl Sets

If you want something as special and beautiful as pearls in your life, then you must be willing to “dive” for it’ Pearls are truly the gems of Queens